Char Siew & Roast Pork Rice Bowl

Char Siew & Roast Pork Rice Bowl

Famous Char Siew RICE BOWLS at Asia Square

Acclaimed by many a diner as the best Char Siew rice bowl in town, our Josper grill seals in the flavor of the Char Siew in this signature Singapore dish. 

Our pork is first grilled to perfection in the Josper Grill, and then served up with premium Japanese rice, crispy Japanese seaweed, seared broccoli, pickles and a sous vide egg on top.

Last but not least, we drip our house made char siew sauce to lighten up the charcoal taste of the roast pork on the rice. Perfect for quick lunches or savoured slowly over drinks with friends, come experience this truly memorable gourmet experience today!

Apart from this famous Char Siew rice bowl, our  Shibuya Chicken rice bowl also provides a unique taste sensation. Served with premium Japanese rice, Josper Grilled Chicken Tsukune, crispy seaweed, pickles, onion gravy, our Shibuya Chicken rice bowl is an umami bomb. A truly “egg-citing” gourmet experience!

Another must try for Beef Bulgogi rice bowl fans is our Beef Bulgogi rice bowl. This Korean version of the perfect comfort food features tasty ribeye, our special Korea chilli kimchi sauce, crispy seaweed and pickles over aromatic Japanese rice.