Slow Roast Striploin Rice Bowl

Slow Roast Striploin Rice Bowl

Spicy Beef Bulgogi RICE BOWLS at Asia Square

Offering beef, pork Char Siew or chicken Tsukune grilled to perfection in the Josper Grill, our famous rice bowls hit the umami spot every time.

Our Beef Bulgogi beef rice bowl is extremely popular with Bulgogi and comfort food lovers. Our Korean version of the perfect comfort food features tasty ribeye, our special Korean chilli kimchi sauce, crispy seaweed and pickles over aromatic Japanese rice.

Delicious Korean flavours mix with the aromatic and tender beef slices grilled to perfection in our charcoal Josper grill, providing a truly memorable comfort food experience!

Apart from this Beef Bulgogi rice bowl, our other popular rice bowl is the charcoal grilled famous Char Siew rice bowl. After grilling it to perfection in the Josper grill, we put the pork on top of premium Japanese rice with kombu, seared broccoli, pickles and a sous vide egg on top. Our house made secret sauce complete this very popular and tasty Char Siew pork rice bowl!

In addition, our Shibuya Chicken rice bowl also provides a delicious taste experience. Served with premium Japanese rice, Josper Grilled Chicken Tsukune, crispy seaweed, pickles, onion gravy, our Shibuya Chicken rice bowl is an umami bomb. A truly “egg-citing” gourmet experience awaits you!